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Maintenance Contracts

Having taken out our maintenance contract you will now have peace of mind for yourself and your business knowing that you are covered and have access to the following:

  • Full UK based call centre.
  • Sales/accounts/aftercare personnel.
  • A team of fully trained engineers to assist with any technical queries you may have.
  • Fault diagnostic team to diagnose and remedy any issues that may occur.
  • Remote system access (compatible systems only). Giving the ability to:
    • Download system programming.
    • Make system programme changes instantly without site visits. (Unlimited remote programme changes at no further cost)
    • Upgrade system software to keep your system up to date with all functions available.
  • Line fault diagnostic team to determine if a network error has occurred and then liaise with your line provider and yourselves until fault is cleared.
  • System code programming instruction over the phone (ability to make basic programme changes).
  • System faults:
    • In the event of a system failure you will not be charged any initial on site fees.
    • You will be given an on site fault diagnostic.
    • Our engineers stock replacement equipment to allow for quick repair/replacement should it be necessary causing minimal disruption to you and your business.
    • We also complete and supply you with a full diagnostic report.
    • We offer 24 hour fault reporting service via our website and an out of hours engineer contact emergency line.
  • Maintained customers will also benefit from our discounted prices for any additional equipment.
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