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Interactive Business Technology Group Products & Services

Interactive Business Technology specialise in our preferred systems the NEC and Panasonic Telephone System Range. NEC are one of Europe's most successful manufacturers of products for 'business voice solutions'. Well respected for systems which allow upgrading and expansion as part of a planned process utilizing original investment equipment.

SL1100 Download Brochure Here

Sophisticated communication made simple
With the speed and intensity of business constantly on the rise, just keeping up with your competitors is hard enough. To grow and become more profitable, you need to find ways to get more done in less time. The key to meeting this challenge is more effective communication between your staff, customers and partners.

Introducing the SL1100 Telephone System from NEC
For too long, the most powerful and innovative telephone systems have only been within the reach of large corporations. With the SL1100, this is no longer the case. Designed to satisfy the growing needs of small and medium businesses, this is a professional, flexible and easy-to-use voice communication system at a price that makes perfect sense.

Brought to you by a global communications leader
NEC Infrontia is part of the global communications leader NEC. For three decades, we have been supplying leading-edge communications solutions to small to medium businesses throughout Europe. SL1100 continues that long tradition, giving you access to the features that you require. SL1100 also brings investment protection by being the only SME telephone system capable of connecting to the broadband SIP network.

Investment protection
Are you buying a new phone system that is about to become obsolete? Take a closer look at SL1100. There may be features that you do not need today that will be vital for your business in the future. SL1100 has the power to keep pace with those requirements:

  • CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) - Linking your phone system to your computer

  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) - Using DSL broadband or your computer/Internet network to carry long-distance voice calls

  • IP (Internet Protocol) Telephony - Converged voice and data networks are here today. Connect your phones directly to your computer network

  • WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) - Wi-Fi will present a more flexible alternative to simple DECT phones. Use your PDA or computer as your mobile phone linking both to your emails and your phone system

We grow with your business
SL1100 meets the requirements of the SME customer.

All growing businesses must make every penny count. With SL1100, you buy what you need today, safe in the knowledge that your investment will not be wasted. Which other phone system supplier can match that? SL1100 gives you all the features you need to present an efficient, friendly and polished communications service that will delight your customers and help grow your profits.

SV8100 Download Brochure Here

The ultimate in unified communications
The UNIVERGE SV8100 is a unique communication solution for up to 500 users. Its expandability means it can work at any level, from a technically superb phone system, to a truly advanced unified communications platform.

Business performance is improved significantly by making an entire workforce more reachable wherever they are based. Part of the UNIVERGE 360 portfolio, the SV8100 creates '360-degree communication' encompassing fixed, mobile and converged communication such as e-mail, presence and instant messaging. In short, it makes unified communication a reality.

Key features:

  • Unique interchangeable handset design
  • Unique Netlink survivability between branches
  • Unique Bluetooth handset
  • Modular architecture for economical scalability
  • VoIP and traditional voice support
  • Aggressively priced
  • Embedded applications including voice mail
  • Mobile extensions at no extra cost

Powerfully versatile
The SV8100 is the ideal communication solution for almost any workplace, including:

The Small Office
Aggressively priced compared to other smaller systems, but with enormous scalability as a business grows.

The SV8100 offers productivity and efficiency tools that are usually associated with more expensive, large corporate systems.

The Call Centre
Powerful call management software ensures customer service levels, and your workforce, are optimized at all times.

The Branch Office
These can benefit from highly cost-effective unique Netlink features - allowing multiple systems to operate as one. Netlink also offers multiple business continuity options.

The Homeworker
The latest VoIP technology ensures costs are minimized, and access to system features are maximized.

The Mobile Worker
Whether on-site or out in the field, our comprehensive mobile connectivity solutions ensure a user is contactable whenever and wherever they are. Cutting-edge features such as mobile extension are delivered with no additional cost.

Hotels and Hospitality
A range of specific features that will enhance a guest's hospitality experience, while at the same time optimizing staff efficiency.

Healthcare Environments
By simplifying and enhancing the communication process health professionals have more time to spend with patients. Response time is also improved substantially.

Specialized Professions
Legal and finance professions benefit from features such as call recording, which is effortless, easily accessed and completely secure.


The KDX Range
Panasonic has been a market leader in the Business Telephone Industry for over 20 years. The latest product line-up offers high quality office communications solutions for a broad range of business applications, from simple analogue systems through to advanced IP based Network Communications Platforms.

These leading telephone systems are provided with a variety of wired and wireless system telephones, accessories and productivity applications, providing businesses with a solutions based approach to solving company communications needs.

The KX-TDA100 and KX-TDA200 IP PBX systems have a small, compact design. But this does not diminish their capabilities. A state of the art engineering design has enabled the production of a small system that provides for a large amount of features while taking up less room than traditional PBX designs. The KX-TDA100 and 200 allow you to add a new level of security to your business with the support of optional door intercoms and electrical contacts that permit you to control an electric door strike or any other compatible electric device through the phone. Each door intercom has its own distinctive ring and LCD display information so you can easily identify which door phone has bee activated. The KX-TDA100 supports up to 8 door phones and the KX-TDA200 up to 16 door phones.

Interactive Standard Service

  • Consultation & Review
  • Solution & Recommendation
  • Supply & Install
  • Breakdown Cover & Support


Following a consultative process, Interactive supply the following products:

Hybrids - Keysystems - PBX

Call Management
Provides statistical/analytical information on a number of calls made per extension - number of calls made per extension - number dialled, time spent on calls, and the same for incoming calls.

Call Centre Solutions
To include as per call management with the added benefit of 'Live Call Monitoring' - very useful for inbound and outbound call centres. Shows how many calls have been made/answered, average length of call, missed calls, how many queue etc. Linked in to computer database with CTI - a very useful tool.

Call Recording
Becoming ever increasingly required in medical, insurance and finance sectors. Useful for agent training.

Auto Attendant
Call greeting and distribution - saves operator time and offers efficiency.

Call Queuing
For busy periods.

Ensures messages are delivered to individuals/groups.

Public Address Systems - Useful in factory/warehouse scenarios:
Handsets - fixed and portable | Hybrids, Key Systems & PBX's
PC Consoles | PC Phones
Network Control Units - Hubs - Switches

In addition to products, Interactive supply a full range of ancillary services linked to installation including:
Network Cabling | ADSL lines | ISDN lines | SDSL Lines
Low Cost Line rental | Low Cost call billing

CCTV and Door Entry Systems

Interactive Business Technology supply and install CCTV and Door Entry Systems. 2 to 16 Camera kits.


Interactive Business Technology operates a special division specifically to deal with the supply and installation of business telecommunications equipment to the hotel and restaurant trade, with numerous high profile customers.

A hotel, whatever it's size, makes it's own specific demands on its telephone system. Interactive supply and install every type and size of hospitality system required, from the simple room extension model where an extension is closed at checkout to produce a simple tariff for the main bill, to more complex front of house modules.

Interactive Business Technology in conjunction with our suppliers offer a specifically designed Hotel Application Interface that offers the flexibility to integrate hotel management packages with features and functions of award winning telephone systems. All of the functions you would normally expect of a hotel system can be integrated including:

Un-bar/bar on check-in/check-out | Room monitor | Automatic billing | Internet access

Broadband / ISDN lines | Do Not Disturb | Wake-Up Calls | Courtesy phone

Call centre functionality - a guest's reservation can be located from incoming CLI before the call is answered

Call logging - all calls can be logged and reported for accurate billing and analysis

For hotels, telephone system and hotel integration software can be just the beginning of a solution. For a restaurant, bar or shop, EPOS products enable automatic billing to a guest's hotel account with full integration systems across multiple outlets. Interactive Business Technology also provides additional hardware support in the supply of printers, EPOS modules, fax terminals and PC units to provide a complete package if required.

Stand alone restaurants also benefit from the experience available within the Interactive Business Technology Hospitality division. Reservations services, bar and kitchen communications links, bar bill integration and restaurant EPOS solutions all form part of the service offering to restaurant establishments.

Our consultants within the Hospitality division are extremely experienced in the particular needs and requirements of the ever-evolving consumer-facing market sector. They are able to advise and demonstrate the latest in technological advances and relate these to solution provision for each individual customer.

Interactive Business Technology are able to offer best value practice through sector experience, systems choice and long-term support services.

Our consultants within the Hospitality division are extremely experienced in the particular needs and requirements of the ever-evolving consumer-facing market sector.


Working as a specialist suppliers of telecommunications solutions and equipment within the education sector, Interactive are one of the few companies with experience and a sympathetic understanding of the unique requirements of this demanding sector.

Interactive Business Technology have an excellent track record of installations of all types and sizes from Primary and Junior School through to Mid to High Schools and College establishments. What all installations in the education sector have in common is to achieve a combination of reliability, quality and best value for both product and service. Interactive Business Technology have worked with Procurement Departments and Officers in competitive tendering environments across many local authorities including Essex, Norfolk Suffolk, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northants County Councils - supplying hundreds of telecommunications solutions.

Modern educational establishments have very distinctive requirements from their telephone systems. Extensions in all classrooms are now commonplace for security reasons - Interactive Business Technology supply and install structured cabling solutions as required. Voicemail modules means that teachers who move between classrooms, and as such do not belong to any single extension, can call in to a central resource to retrieve messages. Cordless mobile handsets are also becoming increasingly popular for certain staff members such as Head Teachers, Bursars, and Caretakers who are mobile around large school sites and who may need to be contactable at any time. These cordless phone options replace outdated paging systems that require a staff member to then find the nearest telephone once paged.

Automatic answer facilities are also proving to serve an important function at peak periods on central switchboards. Many schools use an auto answer service between 8am and 9am to handle and record absence notifications, provide details of school events, trips and other general information. This not only frees up essential staff resource, but used effectively, often enhances the parent /school interaction experience.

All schools are different - Interactive Business Technology recognise that and ensure that solutions supplied after consultation with the schools manager provide all of the features and functions required, including a comprehensive and reliable aftercare service to include maintenance and support, in fact one Procurement Officer for a local authority sums up perfectly.

"It is difficult to find a company like Interactive Business Technology that listen first and then provide a professional solution. They have undertaken and supplied everything they said they would, with the support service afterwards exactly what was promised too."

Interactive Business Technology has an excellent track record of installations of all types and sizes from Primary and Junior School through to Mid and High School establishments.

Voicemail modules means that teachers who move between classrooms, and as such do not belong to any single extension, can call in to a central resource to retrieve messages.


With the National Health Service undergoing a revolution in terms of professional supply outsourcing together with considerable investment in practices and combined surgeries. Interactive Business Technology have forged strong links within the medical sector, providing telecommunications solutions to doctor's surgeries, dental practices and other specialist medical establishments.

As a market sector, medical practices require specific deliverables from systems. Many users from the inbound public are either elderly or frail, often requiring the systems employed to be very user friendly and relatively simple. Many practices also require inbound call traffic to be clearly managed and divided between business users (for example, drug company sales representatives calling to make appointments) and normal inbound traffic from a practice's patient register.

The Use of direct dial numbers will allow the business user or supplier to bypass Receptionists if required and to be diverted to a Practice Manager.

Systems for busy Receptionists points include Auto Attendant and Call Queuing options which will queue calls if the Reception team are busy on other calls and will act as a filter via keypad options to ensure the correct type of call is directed to the right person or extension. Answer and message facilities are also available to cope with peak call times.

As doctors and dentists themselves are often extremely busy, the use of personalised Voicemail has become popular with many practices. If a doctor is busy with a patient during consultation, Voicemail can deal with incoming messages and store them ready for the doctor to respond to in between consultations. Interactive Business Technology are also able to provide options for doctors or dentists for the way in which they call patients into the consulting room for their appointment with some favouring a loud speaker system (sometimes linked to illuminated signage) in the waiting area, whilst others prefer to ask Reception to call in a waiting patient.

After surgery hours are catered for with combinations of automatic call diversion routing where appropriate and automatic answering systems with Auto Attendant call options.

Government Directives are being issued to medical practices for raising standards for patients in and out of hour's care which suggests upgrades to a practices telephone system to be able to record call conversations and provide after hours answering service and implement upgrade programmes to meet these challenges.

Interactive Business Technology have installed many diverse telephone systems within the medical sector and the experience and knowledge the Company is able to share within the sector to new customers is often invaluable. With professional planning and consultancy before a system is specified, Interactive Business Technology ensures that any installation is scheduled to cause minimum disruption to the practice and its patients, with weekend installations often the preferred option.

As a market sector medical practices require specific deliverables from systems.


As information technology is constantly evolving, the challenges facing businesses today means that changing or updating a telephone system is a decision that needs careful planning, consultation and review. Interactive Business Technology have been successfully operating in the SME sector for many years with a wealth of experience with business owners.

Business customers not only demand a high level of technical input, but they also expect any system specification to stand up to rigorous standards of best value within the sector. Interactive Business Technology prides itself in providing highly cost-effective business telephone solutions and providing long term product and engineering support.

From a small system of five extensions to larger, fully integrated systems with hundreds of extensions, the SME team at Interactive Business Technology can draw on the extensive range of business solutions available from our partners such as NEC. Interactive Business Technology consultants are trained to not only look at the immediate system requirements, but to also work with the customer to plan ahead for possible future expansion, review the opportunities that emerging technology may have in relation to a customer's business model and to consider the possibilities offered by computer telephone integration (CTI) thereby merging voice and data platforms.

Supply and installation for the SME sector demands flexibility and an understanding of a particular business's needs. The majority of SME's require an uninterrupted capacity to receive and make calls whilst a system is being installed. Interactive Business Technology work closely with line providers to ensure continuation of service and arrange installations at the convenience of our customers with evening and weekend installations available if required.

A dedicated Customer Service Team ensures that after sales service and support provides all customers with complete peace of mind when choosing Interactive to supply and install a new system.

With competitive leasing options available and decommissioning of existing equipment if required subject to survey. Interactive supply a complete service to the SME sector.

Business customers not only demand a high level of technical input, they also expect any system specification to stand up to rigorous standards of best value within the sector.

Business Line rental / Calls / Internet / Mobile

Switch to Interactive for your b2b line, mobile, internet connection services as can reduce your call costs considerably, free no obligation price comparison, please contact us for further information.

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